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When it comes to selecting flooring, there are attributes you’ll want to consider including the look, color, and texture. Flooring isn’t only about the style, but the cost, functionality, and longevity. Sound-Tec floating floors offer the best of both worlds.

While many people gravitate to the more traditional options likes hardwood and tile, innovative flooring like Sound-Tec Floating Floors are becoming increasingly popular.

What are Sound-Tec Floating Floors?

Made from a stone-polymer composite (SPC),  Sound-Tec Floating Floors offer a modern, worry-free solution for any space. Since its creation, Sound-Tec flooring has continued to evolve and the product offers incredible value to users due to its durability and long life.

Sound-Tec Floating Floors are extremely versatile and are ideal for use in any space, including: condominiums, apartments, student housing, residential properties, rental properties, and hospitality venues.

SPC, also known as rigid core flooring, is different from Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and laminate as the SPC core doesn’t contain wood particles. The highly durable and dense core is comprised of natural limestone and SPC flooring is double the density of WPC products. SPC offers a harder, more stable surface and making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas.

The limestone base of SPC makes the product highly resistant to changes in temperature and expansion, which can happen when the floor is exposed to water damage or extreme heat.

Plus, SPC floors eliminate the need for glue, which can result in delamination.

Benefits of Sound-Tec Floating Floors

When you’re selecting flooring for your next project you’ll want to consider a number of factors so here are 7 benefits of choosing Sound-Tec Floating Floor:

Fast and easy and fast to install

Thanks to the Rapid-Lock System, Sound-Tec floating floors can be installed quickly and easily. Existing floors require minimal prep, and our floors come with an attached high-density foam pad, saving you an additional step at the time of install.

Sound-Tec Floating Floors are glue-free, so the faster installation can have a big impact on your bottom line because a speedier installation means less cost to you.

Durable and low maintenance

Not only do Sound-Tec floating floors look great, but thanks to the enhanced polyurethane system, maintenance of Sound-Tec floating floors couldn’t be easier. Equipped with a protective coating, clean up of spills and messes is a breeze, and the flooring offers superior scratch and dent resistance. You get all the benefits of a hard surface floor without the maintenance!

Best of all, Sound-Tec comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty, offering you peace of mind and the confidence that you’ve purchased floors that’ll stand the test of time.


Life can be messy and things like spills can take a toll on your floors. With its 100% waterproof core, Sound-Tec floating floors won’t absorb spills and odors. As moisture can lead to microorganisms like dust mites and mold, Sound-Tec floating floors are the perfect solution for high traffic areas, wet zones like foyers, bathrooms or kitchens,  and pet-friendly dwellings.


With many different color options, Sound-Tec can meet the aesthetics of any design plan. The HD film layer replicates both the look and texture of wood. This means you can have the look of wood in spaces that you traditionally wouldn’t install hardwood and create a seamless floor throughout any space.

Sound reducing

Manufactured with a sound reducing pad that exceeds ASTM sound requirements, the transfer of sound is minimized. Thanks to this pad, sounds between levels is greatly reduced, which makes it an ideal product for multi-unit dwellings, or the hustle and bustle of single-family homes.

Matching moldings

If you want that perfectly polished look, you can choose from a variety of matching moldings to complement your Sound-Tec floor.

Wondering if Sound-Tec floating floors are right for you and want to learn more?  Click here to request more information or get a flooring sample.