Curbside Delivery: What To Expect

Before we get into the delivery, let’s start from the beginning of the purchase. After ordering online, you’ll receive a phone call from one of our customer service reps to see if there’s any special delivery instructions they should be aware of.

After your product has shipped, a carrier will contact you to set a delivery appointment date. Make sure someone’s there to sign and accept the delivery as we cannot drop material without a signature. If the delivery is missed, re-delivery fees will apply so pick a date that works best for you!

Make sure that your street is large enough for a full sized semi-truck to be parked without blocking traffic.  

Curbside delivery is exactly as it sounds. The driver will leave the product curbside. They will not bring the material onto your property or on the sidewalk. On the pallet, there will be 2 documents taped to the outside.  The first is a Bill of Lading label, or BOL.   The second is a packing list which details what material is on the pallet.  The delivery driver is not going to know which color flooring you ordered, he only knows to drop off the pallet with the correct BOL # to your home.

Curbside Delivery Check List

1. Check that the BOL # matches the # on proof of delivery

2. Check that the right product is being delivered

3. Check that the correct quantity is being delivered

4. Check that all materials are in good condition

If you notice any damages report them to the driver before signing the proof of delivery form. Go ahead and keep the damaged product at this time if this does occur.  Be sure to take pictures of the damages and call Urban Surfaces customer service team for further instructions. 

After you’ve signed it’s time to get the material inside.  You could do this yourself, but a little help is always recommended.  Remember to store them on a flat surface and out of the sun.

Curbside Delivery Is Complete

OK! So now you’ve got your flooring and accessories and are ready to tackle the job ahead of you.  I hope these tips helped to get your project off to a great start.