How To Install: GlueDown Vinyl Floor

Urban Surface’s GlueDown Vinyl Flooring is a  standard in the resilient category.

If you’re a DIY expert, this is for you.

Here’s how to install.

Prep The Subfloor

1. Make sure the floor is clean, leveled, and dry before installation

Remove any foreign substances such as wax, grease, dirt, or any other chemicals that could prevent a good bond.

2. Clean up all the dust and debris.

3. Fill any holes with patch

When using Urban Surfaces 3010 and 3020 calcium fluoride levels must be at or below ten lbs. Relative humidity levels can be up to 99% RH.

4. Determine if the substrate is porous or nonporous

Recommended Trowels: If porous, use a 1/16” x 1/16” x 1/16” Square Notch. If Non-porous, use a 1/16” x 1/32” x 1/32” U Notch.

5. Acclimate glue down planks for 48 hours in 65 to 85 degree temperature.

6. Check for matching batch numbers on the side of each box.

7. Open and work from multiple boxes to minimize pattern repeat and create a more natural look.

Check for any defects prior to installation.

8. Draw your guideline on your starting wall. Measure two ft out and mark on one side, then repeat the measure and mark on the opposite side.

9. Connect two points with a chalk line and trace over it with a pencil or marker.

10. Open recommended adhesive and begin to spread and even coat throughout.

Hold the trowel at a 45 degree angle in order to apply the right amount of adhesive for a secure bond.

11. Let adhesive dry and wait for a tacky touch.

12. Begin installing your planks along the guideline. 

13. Measure your plank, mark your cut, score with a utility knife, and snap it in half.

14. Continue laying your planks while making sure they’re together tightly.

To cut a plank lengthwise, refer to video minute 2:34.

Roll planks with a 75 lb. – 100 lb. roller to secure the planks.Then, give your floors a quick wipe down and enjoy the easy care and maintenance!

Waterproof, Cost Effective, and Resilient. See for yourself!