InstaGrip flooring plank bursting onto the scene

If you’re a property manager, “occupied remodeling” is a part of the business, especially for multi-family units like apartments.

You should uphold a high standard for the property. Keep it looking modern. Tenants want to feel comfortable and happy about where they live. Remodeling does that. It also helps retain your best tenants, which maintains cash flow.

But, here lies the problem. While tenants may love the results of remodeling, they aren’t crazy about the process. Can you blame them? Most occupied remodeling can:
• Take up to two weeks
• Break one’s daily routine
• Involve noises, smells, and dust
• Invade a tenant’s privacy

As a property manager, it literally pays to understand a tenant’s feelings. You should be fair, avoiding any tension that could open the door to potential legal action.

If you go ahead with an “occupied remodeling,” you’ll want to get in and get out in the least amount of time.

What type of remodeling should you do?

Replace the flooring. Who wants to live with worn, faded, creaky floors? Many surveys have shown that prospective tenants want safe flooring that’s nice to look at.

Many respondents have gone on to say they like hardwood flooring. But is it a good idea for multi-family units? Think about it.
• Wood is one of the most expensive types of flooring
• Proper installation often requires costly craftsmen
• Wood requires a lot of effort to maintain

Installing high-end wood flooring in multi-family units can be like driving a new Mercedes-Benz S-class to deliver pizzas. Not very practical.

What about carpeting?

In the U.S., carpeting was once King. It’s soft, warm, plush and cozy. It comes in any color. It dampens noise, too. But the pandemic has made people fear dirt, dust and allergens. Having to stay indoors, they disinfect everything, including their dog. And the thought of germs trapped in carpet fibers can trigger howling screams from a horror movie.

What type of flooring works best for multi-family units?

Engineered flooring, like vinyl flooring. Take the new InstaGrip LooseLay Vinyl Flooring by Urban Surfaces, for example. It’s perfect for multi-family units. Here’s why.

• Lower cost compared to wood flooring
• Looks and feels like wood
• Easy to maintain
• Engineered durability
• Single planks can be replaced with ease
• A rainbow of shades and patterns

InstaGrip is also a good choice for occupied remodeling, because it can be installed quickly and it’s pet-friendly durability can be instrumental in increasing rental income.

Who can install InstaGrip flooring?

You can. Even a caveman can install it.

Seriously, InstaGrip flooring is engineered with a LooseLay design, one of the simplest installation methods in the flooring industry today.

Your own maintenance crew can install InstaGrip in one day. That’s important when
you consider there’s a shortage of skilled labor. It’s also a big deal to your tenants.
They won’t have to pack up their bags and go find some other place to sleep.

What makes InstaGrip flooring simple to install?

The amount of prep work needed for the subfloor is minimal, which saves a ton of time. In many cases, InstaGrip can be installed over the old flooring with, again, minimal prep work.

Once you have a smooth, hard surface, apply a small amount of adhesive to the plank. (Less adhesive means there’s less of a lingering odor for your tenants). For large commercial applications, more adhesive is recommended.

When do you start hammering? You don’t. And no fasteners.

What keeps InstaGrip in place?

Pick up an InstaGrip plank. You’ll see how heavy it is. That helps the plank grip the subfloor, giving a firm, lasting hold. The final touch is adhesive, friction and a Grip-Tec backing, all of which secure the plank in place for a fresh, new look.

As you can see, InstaGrip flooring lets you complete an occupied remodeling without stressing out your tenant. If you can make your best tenants smile, they’ll mostly be okay with paying more for rent.

That’ll make you smile.

Let us know your thoughts about InstaGrip. For your complimentary samples go to the product page.

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