Are Urban Surfaces’ floors waterproof? How is that different from water resistant?

Yes, Urban Surfaces’ floors are 100% waterproof.

As a proof, a piece of flooring can be measured and weighed, placed in a container of pH neutral water, then re-measured and weighed to observe any changes. Tests such as these will show that the products are unaffected by water.

Urban Surfaces’ floors are set apart from other products on the market due to the inherent waterproof materials they are manufactured with. Traditional products such as Hardwood Floors, Engineered Wood Floors, Laminate Floors, and other wood related products are prone to swelling, buckling, and blistering when exposed to water. Some products being used today claim to be “water resistant”. Be aware that while these products may withstand the occasional spill they will not withstand water damage to the degree that Urban Surfaces’ products will.

Please note that the installation of waterproof floors will not waterproof a room. We simply mean to say that the flooring itself is waterproof. Please take care to ensure moisture from the slab below or from above is well taken care of to avoid costly repairs.

Importantly, do keep in mind that while Urban Surfaces floors are waterproof, they are not pH proof. When water is introduced into a cured concrete slab from a flood event from above, a slab leak from below, etc., the pH in the concrete has a tendency to change. This change in pH is often the exact cause of floor failure as Urban Surfaces’ floors are intended for installation on neutral pH concrete slabs (pH level 5-9). An environment that is too acidic or too base will destroy the floor over time. If an Urban Surfaces floor is deformed by water damage, it is more likely the extreme pH levels that were the specific cause that led to the failure.