Can heavy cabinets be installed on top of vinyl flooring?

As a rule, install heavy cabinets first. Then install vinyl flooring. If you install the flooring first, use only specific types of flooring under certain conditions. Let’s go over those specific types of flooring.

GlueDown LVT

YES. It works well for new construction projects which require installing the flooring first. Show caution when installing cabinets over the new flooring. Avoid dropping tools or equipment.

Click/Floating Floor

NO. Never install cabinets on top of Click/Floating flooring. Based on seasonal changes in humidity, the flooring material needs to expand and contract. If that can’t happen, the weight of the cabinets can cause the flooring to buckle and damage the flooring’s locking systems. A Click/Floating floor will fail if it is held down to the subfloor, especially if secured with:
• Glue
• Nails
• Pins Instead, install these first: heavy cabinets, vanities, islands, etc.
Then install Click/Floating floors, allowing a ¼ inch gap between the flooring and the cabinets (cover the gap with a ¼ inch round molding).
The flooring materials need to be able to expand and contract based on seasonal changes in humidity. ONE EXCEPTION. Click/Floating Floors can be installed under vanities with legs.

Can cabinets be installed over LooseLay flooring?

The answer depends on the amount of adhesive applied.
• Minimal (Perimeter only or Perimeter + limited field)
• Full spread Minimal Adhesive
NO. Heavy cabinets, vanities, islands, and such, should never be installed on top of LooseLay flooring with limited adhesive. Instead, we recommend you install vinyl flooring next to cabinets. Full Spread of Adhesive
YES. Cabinets can be installed on top of LooseLay flooring that was installed with a full spread of adhesive. PRO TIP: Install the cabinets first if you believe the cabinets will remain a fixture years longer than the flooring. This way, if you decide to replace the flooring, you’ll avoid damaging the base of the cabinets when you cut along the edge.