Can vinyl flooring be installed over radiant heat?

Yes, Urban Surfaces floors can be installed over Hydronic Radiant Heat Systems ONLY which are qualified to be installed under vinyl flooring. Ensuring stable job site conditions, subfloor suitability and proper acclimation periods are met are especially important when installing over a radiant heat system. Refer to the radiant heat system manufacturer to determine its compatibility with vinyl flooring and to learn the specific requirements for installation. It is recommended that the user consults with the radiant heating provider for best practices, installation methods, and proper subfloors.

In-floor radiant components must be a minimum of 1⁄2” (13mm) below the flooring within the substrate. The surface temperature of the slab should never exceed 85°F (29°C). The heating system should be operational for at least two weeks prior to installation to calibrate temperature settings. Flooring cannot be laid directly over radiant heating mats. 3-days prior to installation lower the temperature to 65°F (18°C). After installation, gradually adjust the temperature in increments of 5°F per day to avoid rapidly heating and cooling the flooring which could lead to damage. The use of an in-floor temperature sensor is recommended to avoid overheating.