Can you wax vinyl flooring made by Urban Surfaces?

Urban Surfaces engineers its vinyl flooring products to look new for years. With proper care and a little upkeep, each flooring will keep its original luster, shine, and beauty. No waxing needed. However, you can wax a section of your vinyl floors that have been dulled, for example, by:
• Harsh chemicals
• Using the wrong cleaning agents
• Wear in certain high traffic areas Wax can restore the luster and sheen of the flooring. For a new top coat on the floor, you can apply Urban Surfaces Clear-Coat 3040 or other acrylic floor finishes made for vinyl floors.
Before applying, read the manufacturer’s directions on the bottle.

How often should you wax vinyl flooring?

Urban Surfaces makes no recommendations on how often to wax your vinyl floors. It’s up to you. Should you decide to wax, please read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the floor wax bottle. Take a look at our Maintenance Guides for more information about maintaining your floor.

Is a high speed cleaning machine safe to use on vinyl flooring?

No. Never use this type of machine on Urban Surfaces' flooring. High-speed buffing can cause damage. For example, the burnisher could penetrate the wear layer and destroy the floor. It can also cause bubbles to form or make the top layer peel back from the edges.
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