Does Urban Surfaces offer the same colors in different lines?

Yes, there are thirteen colors in the Sound-Tec line that have crossover colors into GlueDown LVT lines.
Crossover Colors
Sound-Tec Level Seven Main Street City Heights
Verona 9501-D 7011
Pike 9502-D 7021
Boardwalk 9503-D 7031
Emberwood 9506-D 7061
Ash 9507-D 7070 8307
Sedona 9508-D 7071
Dakota 9509-D 7081
Pembroke 9511-D 7091
Barn Owl 9522-D 8122
Midland Grey 9525-D 8050
Sierra 9560-D 8060
Midnight Grey 9573-D 7030
Yosemite 9599-D 8699