Is there an odor that lingers after installation?

When installing a Glue Down LVT floor there will be an odor during installation as the adhesive is opened and spread over an entire work area. Naturally, as the floor adhesive is spread over a large space and allowed to dry for 30-90 minutes prior to flooring installation, an odor will be present. The adhesive’s odor dissipates after the flooring material is installed. The odor may linger for a couple of days after installation so ensuring proper ventilation from an outside air source along interior air movement through the use of fans is key.

Floating/Click Floors along with Loose Lay vinyl planks do not generally have a strong odor as no adhesive is required for installation. However, unboxing the material and installing it will introduce a new odor into the work area. Ensuring proper ventilation from an outside is important to remove any lingering odors.

Note- Removing the existing floor covering may release dust and pollutants into the air. In fact, many are surprised to learn how much of this is present under carpeting that is removed as carpets can hold multiple times their original weight in dirt, dust and liquids. Be careful not to breathe these harmful chemicals in while performing demo and removal. Ensure proper air ventilation and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used for safety.