Does a glue down installation leave an odor?

Naturally, most adhesives emit an odor. It’s part of the process of installing some vinyl flooring, like GlueDown vinyl tile (LVT). To install it, adhesive must first be spread on the subfloor and left to cure for up to 90 minutes. That’s why you need proper ventilation. For comfort and safety, open a few windows. If possible, use a floor fan designed with blades. As a second option, a few portable fans work just as well. But don’t worry. After a few days, the odor goes away. Some types of flooring can be installed without adhesive, like Floating/Click floors and LooseLay vinyl planks. For the most part, they come odor free. However, when you remove the flooring from the box, you’ll notice a slight odor. That’s normal. So, again, turn on a portable fan with blades. Keep in mind, you also need proper ventilation when removing old floor coverings, like carpeting, for example. Carpeting traps liquid, dirt and dust, which can contain harmful chemicals and pollutants. As you pull up old carpeting, all that can be released into the air. Avoid breathing it. For your safety:
• Ensure proper air ventilation
• Wear an approved respirator
• Use personal protective equipment (PPE)