Should the floors be waxed? At what intervals?

Normally, it is not necessary to wax Urban Surfaces’ floors. The original shine should last the test of time with proper care and maintenance. Still, some customers prefer the high sheen and brilliance of a waxed floor and choose to wax their floors on a regular basis.

One reason to wax may be to bring back a uniform sheen to a floor that has dulled in certain areas. The reason for this dulling may include:
The spillage of harsh chemicals in visible locations
The use of incorrect cleaning agents
Inconsistent wear in certain high traffic areas
Applying new wax coats can bring the floor back to an even luster and sheen level.

If a new top coat is desired, the correct product to apply is Urban Surfaces’ “Clear-Coat 3040” or other acrylic floor finishes suitable for vinyl floors. Read directions for application from the manufacturer.

Urban Surfaces does not provide recommendations as to the intervals that a floor needs to be waxed. Most floors will never need to be waxed as the factory finish is made to last the lifetime of the floor. If wax finish is desired, refer to the floor wax manufacturer’s recommendations.

Note – Do NOT use a high speed cleaning machine or wax application machine on Urban Surfaces’ flooring. These machines were not intended to be used on LVT or SPC flooring and may permanently mar the surface.