What are the differences between Laminate flooring and Sound-Tec flooring?

There are many differences between Sound-Tec and laminate flooring.

Core construction
Laminate flooring is a blend of wood fiber (sawdust) and glue that is pressed into boards. This core structure is prone to buckling, swelling, and blistering when exposed to water. Sound-Tec is constructed with Stone Polymer Composite (SPC), made of 65% limestone and is completely waterproof.

Feeling Underfoot
Laminate flooring is very light and is commonly reviewed to have a hollow feeling when walked on. Sound-Tec is dense and substantial, hard and sturdy. Walking on the floor feels solid and secure underfoot.

Laminate Flooring is made with a lightweight particle board core. Predictably, the accompanying sound when walked on is loud and echoing. Sound-Tec is made with dense materials that are substantially heavier than Laminate. They also come with a pre-attached foam pad underlayment. Walking on this product is not associated with the loud “clacky” sound associated with laminate flooring.