What are the differences between the (3) Sound-Tec lines?

The Sound-Tec Collection consists of three lines; Sound-Tec Tile, Sound-Tec Plus, and Sound-Tec (original).

Commonalities –

  • All three lines offer a ‘no glue, no-hassle’ click lock installation system for easy and fast installation.
  • Constructed with a highly durable Stone Polymer Core, SPC, consisting of over 60% limestone.
  • Sealed, waterproof construction
  • Sound-reducing for multi-level dwellings due to pre-attached pad. IIC Rating of 61, STC Rating 66.
  • 6mm Thickness and 20 mil wear layer across all products in the collection.

Distinctions –

  • # of colors options available in each line varies.
    • Sound-Tec – 25 wood tone color options
    • Sound-Tec Plus – 7 wood tone color options
    • Sound-Tec Tile – 6 tile color options
  • Size of piece
    • Sound-Tec – 7” x 48” plank size
    • Sound-Tec Plus – 9” x 60” plank size
    • Sound-Tec Tile – 12” x 24” tile size
    • Sound-Tec (original) has X amount of “cross-over colors”, meaning colors that are available in both the Sound-Tec Click as well as Glue Down LVT formats.