Which direction should the floor be laid?

The installation direction is largely a matter of taste. Careful flooring installers will lay out a number of planks on the floor (without adhesive) in the installation area so they can visualize how the installation looks in multiple directions before setting the floor covering permanently.

Typically, flooring planks are installed parallel with the longest wall in the installation area as this gives the appearance of elongating a room / space. Alternatively, the flooring can be laid diagonally at an angle to provide a distinct look or parallel with the shortest wall for a contrasting look.

The entire Sound-Tec series has the Rapidlock clip system. These floors can install together allowing for a creative design and with fewer transition moldings required. Note: These products are able to connect seamlessly on the long edges only. If the installation calls for the use of 2 Sound-Tec lines, i.e. Sound-Tec Plus paired with Sound-TecTile, ensure the direction laid in the room allows for a seamless connection at the joining line.