Will Urban Surfaces’ flooring be damaged in a flood?

Yes, probably.

While Urban Surfaces’ materials will not be damaged by everyday spills and messes, they are not guaranteed to endure extended periods of standing water. This is not due to the water itself, as the floors are waterproof, but rather the pollutants and contaminants mixed with the flood water which cause harm. Urban Surfaces floors require a neutral pH level of 5-9 – they are not “pH proof”. When water is introduced into a cured concrete slab from a flood event from above, the pH in the concrete has a tendency to change. This change in pH is often the specific cause of floor failure. An environment that is too acidic (pH level 1-4) or too base (pH level 10-14) will destroy the floor over time. If an Urban Surfaces floor is deformed by water damage, it is more likely the extreme pH levels that were the specific cause that led to the failure.

The attached pad on the back of Sound-Tec products may also hold odor or grow mildew when subjected to flood water conditions. An attempt to reinstall the flooring may be successful if the material is pulled up carefully, cleaned, stacked flat and allowed to dry well.