Spotlight revealing something better than hardwood floors

Sometimes you want the real thing. A Rolex watch, for example. A diamond ring. Music from the original recording artist. Hey, nobody likes those tribute bands, right?

What about hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors never go out of style and could last up to 100 years. They look better with age. But all that comes at a hefty price, not to mention installation is a bigger job than most people can handle.

A good alternative can be new InstaGrip by Urban Surfaces.

It’s luxury vinyl flooring but it looks like wood. It does a fantastic imitation of real wood flooring. Close your eyes and run your hand over the surface of luxury vinyl and you’ll bet it’s real wood, because it mimics the natural grain variations of wood.

Can InstaGrip outperform hardwood flooring? It’s not nice to challenge Mother Nature. Don’t take anything away from wood. It’s warm. Wood works with all styles of decorating, from traditional to modern.

InstaGrip matches wood step for step and for a lot less money.

Think of InstaGrip as a modern take on an old classic. It offers innovations and a bunch of high-tech features that hardwood flooring does without.

Probably the biggest reason to consider InstaGrip is easy installation. The LooseLay design is one of the simplest methods out there. It’s so simple, the average maintenance crew can do it, saving on the cost of labor.

So, if you want originality and all the wonders of wood, think about InstaGrip. It’s truly unique in the way it imitates hardwood flooring.