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Urban Surfaces provides the multi-unit and builder markets with beautiful, innovative, and high-quality flooring products. We work with you to select materials, coordinate schedules, and do whatever it takes to deliver your order at just the right time.

With Urban Surfaces, you are not just another customer. We build our business around yours to keep your flooring selection in stock and ready to ship for the duration of your project.

There’s a great reason some of the biggest national property management firms trust Urban Surfaces. We value partnership above all else, and we promise to reliably supply you with luxury vinyl flooring for projects of any size.

At Urban Surfaces, we have made a deliberate choice. We refuse to become callous and indifferent to the pain caused when commitments are not kept. We refuse to prioritize our own advantages and opportunities above the relationships we have built with our customers. And we insist on the importance of genuine recognition about the cost of unfulfilled promises. We know that a solid reputation can become a soiled reputation if we become apathetic and fail to plan for our customers’ needs adequately. We know businesses are hurt by unreliable suppliers.

We choose to walk a path of collaboration with shared goals, shared challenges, shared accomplishments, and shared victories. We go farther when we go together.

At the core of Urban Surfaces is this strong prevailing belief: Everyone deserves a trusted partner to depend on.

Trust is valuable because it must be earned. We count it a privilege and work hard every day to earn it. We invest in it and make significant sacrifices to preserve it.

At times, keeping a promise is very costly and breaking the promise is certainly the easier path. While some choose the easier path to avoid costs or to achieve some short-term gain, we continue to choose the path of partnership. We keep our promises because you deserve a dependable partner.

We have something unique here at Urban Surfaces. We care deeply about the people we work with and the partnerships we build. We are experts in luxury vinyl flooring and servicing the multi-family and multi-unit markets, but our real business is partnership. We are as interested in the success of our customers as our own. And so you will often hear us say, "We build our business around yours."

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The Short Story of Urban Surfaces

In 2001, two flooring installers by the names of Frank Wise and Mike Machuga realized they could do so much more for the industry. In 2004, Jeremy Britton was brought on as Urban Surfaces’ first employee. By taking risks, knocking on doors, and building lasting business relationships, Mike, Frank, and Jeremy took their humble dreams and built Urban Surfaces from the ground up.

In 2021, Jeremy was welcomed into the roll of company president. As one of the fastest-growing flooring companies in the world, Urban Surfaces focuses on true partnerships, reliability, and providing innovative products with a special focus on multi-unit properties and projects.

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