At Urban Surfaces, we thank you for your purchase.

If you experience issues with our flooring products, our representative will gladly work with you. Here’s what you need to do:

Purchases from a third party

  1. Contact the third party (ex. the retailer who sold you the flooring) The third party:
  2. Starts the claim process
  3. Submits the warranty claim
    The claim is subject to approval by Urban Surfaces management.

How to file a claim

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out a Claim and Work Order Request Form
  3. You must provide:
    • Valid proof of purchase, such as a sales receipt or invoice
    • Details describing the issue
    • Photographs that show the issue and surrounding area

After Urban Surfaces receives your warranty claim

Urban Surfaces: 1. Verifies the details 2. Determines the cause of product failure • Either a manufacturer’s defect or misuse of product 3. Decides whether to conduct an on-site inspection • Urban Surfaces will arrange a time convenient for all involved

Tips to move your claim forward
- Respond to our requests for more information
- Agree to an onsite inspection (if requested)

After Urban Surfaces reviews the claim information

Urban Surfaces: 1. Denies claims that fail to meet requirements 2. Determines the viability of the warranty claim 3. Provides one of three outcomes: • Comprehensive approval • Partial approval • Denial

Approved warranty claims

Urban Surfaces:
1. Writes a Claim Settlement Statement based on the final outcome
2. Sends a refund to the purchaser in the form of:
• New replacement products for defective material
• A check
Note: A check would be based on reasonable labor costs in accordance with the labor description in the Urban Surfaces warranty.


Urban Surfaces will not refund (credit or cash) the value of defective flooring material as part of a flooring claim settlement.