Flooring Claims


At Urban Surfaces we make every effort to ensure that our flooring meets our customers’ high expectations. In the event that an issue arises with our flooring, Urban Surfaces will work directly with its customer only, not the end user. If the flooring was purchased from a retailer please contact the retailer to have them initiate the claim process. All claims are subject to Urban Surfaces’ management approval once a claim form has been submitted.

When Filing A Claim 

  1. A ‘Claim and Work Order Request Form’ will need to be filled out completely including:
  1. A valid proof of purchase in the form of a sales receipt or other documents which establish proof of purchase.
  2. A detailed description of the problem.
  3. Photographs that clearly depict the problem.

          *This form can be found on UrbanSurfaces.com

  1. Upon receipt of claim:
  1. Urban Surfaces will verify the specifics of the claim to determine if the cause of failure is due to a manufacturer’s defect or mis-use of the product.
  2. Additional information or photos may be requested to aid in this process. Please respond to any requests promptly to prevent any unnecessary delays.
  3. If a site inspection is required, Urban Surfaces will schedule it at the earliest possible convenience for all parties.

  1. Based on all information gathered, a final determination will be made as to the viability of the warranty claim. A written ‘Claim Settlement Statement’ will be issued from Urban Surfaces declaring these possible outcomes:
  1. Comprehensive Approval
  2. Partial Approval
  3. Denial


How Long Is The Process To Settle A Claim?

Claims will be handled in the most expeditious way possible. To help the process along, please respond to all information inquiries and scheduling requests at your earliest convenience.

How Will I Be Refunded?

If approved, the only form of compensation shall be replacement product of defective material and/or a refund check for reasonable labor costs in accordance with the labor description in our warranty. Urban Surfaces will not refund in credit or cash the value of defective flooring material as part of a floor claim settlement. Urban Surfaces reserves the right to deny claims not meeting requirements. 

Contact Information for all inquiries:


Phone: (800) 492-8722