Damages claim

When your shipped merchandise arrives, please check the cartons and packing materials. Look for signs of damage, which can sometimes happen during transit. If you see damage, the merchandise inside most likely is damaged as well.

Here's how to begin a damages claim:

  1. Accept the shipment.
  2. Point out damage to the delivery driver.
  3. Write "damage" on your proof-of-delivery (POD) receipt.
  4. Photograph the damaged cartons.
  5. Note the number of damaged pieces.
  6. Gather all receipts and information.
  7. Contact Urban Surfaces within 3 days of receiving the merchandise. After 3 days, damage claims will be declined.

Notify Customer Services at 1-800-492-8722, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (PST) or email to [email protected]. Have your order number and tracking numbers handy.

Urban Surfaces will:

  1. Replace damaged merchandise.
  2. Ship your new merchandise right away.

Always accept the shipment, even if you see damage

You will avoid return shipping costs. In some cases, you will avoid a 15% restocking fee.

Keep all of the damaged merchandise

This includes any packing. Once you report damaged material, it is the property of the carrier. That is the law. The carrier has 120 days to inspect, pick up or advise to discard the damaged material. Urban Surfaces cannot be held responsible for any damages or shortages. Once the merchandise leaves the Urban Surfaces warehouse, the carrier is responsible.