Vehicle Damage Waiver

You hereby agree to the risk of Urban Surfaces employees’ loading your vehicle with a forklift.

While every effort will be taken by Urban Surfaces employees to load your vehicle in a safe and conscientious manner, you agree that Urban Surfaces accepts no liability or responsibility for any damages to your vehicle during the load process.

You agree that Urban Surfaces also accepts no liability or responsibility for damage to overloaded vehicles, including damage to tires, axels, or suspension. In addition, Urban Surfaces accepts no liability or responsibility for damage to vehicles during transportation of the merchandise after leaving the store. This would include any damage to windows, truck beds, tailgates or any other vehicle damage.

By allowing us to load your vehicle, you are hereby releasing Urban Surfaces and any of its employees from liability for any damage related to the loading of merchandise in your vehicle.

Customer assumes all of the risks of damage to his/her vehicle and assumes responsibility for transporting this merchandise safely.


Customers electing to pick up merchandise from any Urban Surfaces location are responsible for providing a safe and adequate vehicle for transportation and assume full responsibility for pick up and transportation of merchandise. As a courtesy to its customers, Urban Surfaces will assist with the loading of purchased merchandise; however it is the customer’s responsibility to STOP the employee if he/she feels that the load is too heavy for the vehicle or is not otherwise safe. Urban Surfaces reserves the right to refuse and/or cease loading service. The customer is SOLELY responsible for securing merchandise and ensuring it is properly loaded and/or secured prior to leaving the premises. Urban Surfaces is not responsible for damages occurring to vehicles while loading. If equipment or machinery is in use, the customer is required to stand at least ten feet away from the operation of any such equipment or machinery and to otherwise exercise diligence to protect themselves from harm. CUSTOMER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOADING AND/OR TRANSPORTATION OF MERCHANDISE AND RELEASES URBAN SURFACES FROM ANY LIABILITY, DAMAGES, OR CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF CUSTOMER’S PICK UP AND/OR TRANSPORTATION OF MERCHANDISE.

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