Infiniti Moisture Barrier

Provides 100% moisture protection, no testing required. Before applying adhesive, use Infuse Encapsulator & Primer.

Coverage: 90-120 sqft per gallon

Available Size: 2 Gallons

Icon representing Moisture Protection for Infiniti Moisture BarrierMoisture Protection
100%. No testing required.

Icon representing pH Blocking for Infiniti Moisture BarrierpH Blocking
Yes. No testing required.

Icon representing Cure Time for Infiniti Moisture BarrierCure Time
8 hrs

Photo of Infiniti Moisture Barrier.



Light Commercial

Heavy Commercial

Appropriate Tools

Icon depicting the appropriate tool:  for flooring installation. V Notch Trowel 1/8" x 1/8" x 1/16"

Required Testing

  • Porous Substrate ASTM F3191:
    CSP 1+
  • RH Tolerance ASTM F2170:
    100%. No testing required.
  • MVER ASTM F1869:
    No testing required

Approved Substrates

  • Cementitious And Anhydrite Screeds
  • Concrete And Radiant Heated Subfloors That Do Not Exceed 85°F 30°C

Find The Right Combination For Your Project


✔ 100% Moisture Protection

✔ pH Blocking

✔ Heavy Commercial Traffic


✔ 100% Moisture Protection

✔ pH Blocking