Traction Subfloor Grip Coating

Fast and easy LooseLay installation. Not an adhesive. Provides horizontal grip, priming, and up to 90% moisture protection. Easily replace planks by hand if repairs are ever needed.

Coverage: 1 Coat: 350 sqft, 2 Coats: 200 sqft

Available Size: 4 Gallons

Icon representing Moisture Protection for Traction Subfloor Grip CoatingMoisture Protection
1 Coat: 85% 2 Coats: 90%

Icon representing Cure Time for Traction Subfloor Grip CoatingCure Time
2 hr (per coat)

Ideal For The Following Flooring Products:

Photo of Traction Subfloor Grip Coating.



Light Commercial

Appropriate Tools

Icon depicting the appropriate tool:  for flooring installation. 3/8" Short Nap Paint Roller

Required Testing

  • Porous Substrate ASTM F3191:
    CSP 1+
  • RH Tolerance ASTM F2170:
    1 Coat: <= 85%, 2 Coats: <= 90%
  • MVER ASTM F1869:
    1 Coat: <= 5 lbs, 2 Coats: <= 10 lbs

Approved Substrates

  • Apa Underlayment Grade Plywood And Osb
  • Concrete And Radiant Heated Subfloors That Do Not Exceed 85°F 30°C
  • Gypsum And Lightweight Concrete Unprimed