Does Urban Surfaces use new or recycled vinyl materials for its flooring products?

At Urban Surfaces, we use only 100% virgin vinyl materials in the manufacturing process. This achieves three things:
• Ensures the purity of the contents in the raw material mix.
• Avoids harmful additives or chemicals in our flooring products.
• Upholds the durability, waterproofness and stability of our products. Using recycled vinyl materials seems like an eco-friendly idea. But no one knows what type of chemicals and plasticizers are mixed in with the recycled vinyl products. Many sources are untraceable. That unknown poses health risks. For example, flooring made of recycled materials may look good when new. However, over time, as the wear layer begins to break down, dangerous chemicals could be released to the air. Although recycled vinyl might be good for products made for the outdoors, like fencing or park benches, indoor flooring products require a controlled and precise mixture for optimal air quality.