What is the best direction to lay flooring?

There are several patterns that look great with Urban Surfaces’ floorings, but before getting started with a flooring installation, we have an important tip.

Sort The Planks

Remove all the planks from their box and, be mindful of the printed patterns on the planks. Sort similar planks into individual stacks. This will help during installation to prevent placing similar planks too close together.

Getting Started

Once you have the planks sorted, you can begin experimenting with arrangements. Regardless of your chosen flooring type, you can begin by loosely arranging planks to help you imagine the finished installation. The most common pattern is laying the planks parallel to the longest wall, staggering the short sides of the planks to create a pattern similar to stairs. Randomly distributing the short sides will usually provide the most secure installation.

You can also try a random pattern rotated by 45°. This is a striking look that can give the illusion of more space, but this will add a little challenge to your installation since you must ensure that all your planks are cut at the correct angle.

Basic Flooring Installation Patterns

A “Subway” pattern (resembling the arrangement of a brick wall) will look nice and uniform. Like the random pattern, it can be rotated 45° for a distinct style.

Herringbone or Chevron Patterns

Herringbone and chevron patterns are beautiful options where planks are placed perpendicularly. These kinds of unique, perpendicular patterns are only compatible with our LooseLay and GlueDown floors.

Advanced Flooring Installation Patterns