Can flooring with different batch numbers be installed for one specific project?

We recommend using flooring from the same batch number for one project. That ensures a look that blends together in color, shade and texture. At Urban Surfaces, our flooring products are manufactured in batch runs that range from 20,000 to 60,000 square feet. However, among different batches, the color, shade or texture may vary. That’s why installers should inspect flooring from different batches. But, sometimes, installing flooring from the same batch number is not possible. This can occur when:
• A project requires flooring quantities larger than a batch run
• Flooring is purchased from multiple batches Major projects move in phases. Since the flooring will be installed over periods of time, contractors often buy more flooring than they need for, say, phase 1. One reason is that it guards against stock outs. Plus, after completing a phase, there might be leftovers of flooring. If so, some contractors tend to mix older flooring with newly-received flooring, which might contain different batch numbers. Before you install the flooring for the next phase, do this:
1. Take the planks out of the box
2. Inspect the different batch runs
3. Check for color, shade and texture compatibility WARRANTY NOTE: Once the flooring has been installed, the customer accepts the finished look. Claims based on variations in color, shade, texture, and so on, will be declined.