Should different batch numbers be installed in a single project area?

Best practices direct flooring installers to install material from the same batch # over the entire project area as this will ensure consistent color, shade, and texture likeness.

Urban Surfaces Flooring is made in large batch runs ranging from 20,000 – 60,000 square feet. While we strive for consistency, there may be slight color, shade or texture variations between different batches. Therefore, best practices are to install the same batch # throughout the job. However, it is not always possible to install the same batch if the job is larger than a batch run or if the only material that remains available at the time of sale is from multiple batches. In these cases, an inspection needs to be made of the material from different batches to ensure their compatibility. (Warranty Note – Once the product is installed, it is assumed acceptable and no claim against any difference in color, shade, texture, etc. will be accepted).

It is common for large jobs to be installed over an extended period of time. Often, a contractor will purchase flooring in excess of the square footage needed for an early phase of a job to guard against stock outs once on the job site. If excess material is left over from this phase, contractors often mix the older material with future shipments that may contain different batch #’s. Again, it is important to first inspect the different batch runs for acceptable color, shade and texture compatibility prior to installation.