What surface coatings does Urban Surfaces feature on its flooring products?

We offer four surface coatings. They might look the same from the outside, but inside it’s a different story. Each features a unique design, giving many levels of protection from scratches, scuffs and wear, while making the surface easy to clean and maintain. Let’s go over the four surface coatings.

Polyurethane Surface Coating.

Flooring makers apply this liquid coating to all vinyl flooring products with a “roll coating” machine. The concentration of polyurethane material is determined by the base material of the flooring product. Because a rigid core helps prevent polyurethane from cracking, a rigid base can accept a thicker surface coating. But, if a flexible base receives too much polyurethane, cracking might happen when the flooring material is bent.


Polyurethane protects vinyl flooring from scratches, liquid spills and daily wear caused by foot traffic.

Heavy loads scratch.

While polyurethane protects against everyday scratches, there is a limit. Heavy or blunt objects like a refrigerator, for example, will scratch the polyurethane surface coating on any vinyl flooring product.


You can wax polyurethane (if needed) with Urban 3040 Clear Coat wax.

Urban Surfaces products with polyurethane coating:

Ceramic bead with polyurethane.

Ceramic bead strengthens a polyurethane system. To increase wear resistance, a fine ceramic powder mixes with the liquid polyurethane. Then, it’s applied to the surface of the flooring. You can wax the surface coating by using Urban 3040 Clear Coat, made to restore shine lost after years. Urban Surfaces products featuring ceramic bead with polyurethane:

EZ Clean with Polyurethane.

This surface coating keeps things like dirt and liquid spills from penetrating the wear layer, so they’re easier to clean. For example, by simply rubbing the surface with a wet rag you can remove ink left from a permanent marker. The EZ Clean polyurethane system adds more shine than a standard polyurethane floor because of its polymer blend.
Important note: Never wax this surface coating with “Urban 3040 Clear Coat” or any other floor wax or sealer.

Urban Surfaces products with EZ Clean enhanced polyurethane:


It’s the newest in surface coating technology by Urban Surfaces. This transparent metallic finish gives 10 times more scratch resistance than traditional polyurethane coatings.

How Titania is applied.

A new, high-tech manufacturing process fuses Titania to Surface-Guard. The metallic finish is applied. Then it’s heated to dry, clear and transparent.

Except for Titania, regular polyurethane systems rely on wear layers to accept the liquid coating.

Urban Surfaces products with Titania coating: