What are the different surface coatings on Urban Surfaces’ products?

Throughout Urban Surfaces’ Product Line, different products have different coatings applied to the surface of the flooring offering varying levels of protection from wear and walk-through.  Simply put, these coatings are the first line of defense from scratches and scuffs and provide a surface that is easily cleaned and maintained.


Surface Coat types include:

Polyurethane – Traditionally used on all vinyl flooring types, this liquid coating is applied by a “Roll Coating” machine that floods the surface evenly.  The base material, either a rigid Click/Floating Floor plank or a flexible Glue Down LVT plank, will determine how much Polyurethane can adhere to the surface.  Rigid bases can accept a thicker surface coating than flexible bases.  This is due to the rigid core’s ability to support the Polyurethane from cracking.  (If too much Polyurethane is applied to a flexible base, then cracking of the finish may occur when the product is bent).  This coating works to withstand common wear a floor is subjected to.  This surface coating can be waxed with “Urban 3040 Clear Coat” to bring brilliance and shine back to the surface after years of use (if desired).

Urban Surfaces products with Polyurethane coating:
Studio LVT
Main Street
City Heights
Level 7
Studio SPC


Polyurethane with Ceramic Bead

“Ceramic Bead” is an enhancement to a Polyurethane system.  To add wear resistance, a fine ceramic powder is mixed into the liquid Polyurethane then applied to the surface of the flooring.  This surface coating can be waxed with “Urban 3040 Clear Coat” to bring brilliance and shine back to the surface after years of use (if desired).


Polyurethane with EZ Clean

The EZ Clean Polyurethane system is unique in that it has enhanced cleaning properties. In fact, permanent marker lines will release from the surface when rubbed vigorously with a wet rag.  The surface has more brilliance and shine to it than a standard Polyurethane floor due to its unique polymer blend.  Be aware, this surface coating can NOT be waxed with “Urban 3040 Clear Coat” or any other floor waxes or sealers.

Urban Surfaces products with EZ Clean enhanced Polyurethane:
Sound-Tec Plus
Sound-Tec Tile



Titania is a revolutionary surface coating that goes well beyond the limits of traditional Polyurethane systems.  Best described as a “Transparent Metallic Finish”, Titania enhances scratch resistance by up to 10x of what was previously available.  A new high-tech, multi-step manufacturing process was required to fuze this enhanced coating system to the SurfaceGuard product line.  A metallic spray is applied then super-heated to dry clear and transparent.  Traditional Polyurethane systems rely on wear layers to accept the liquid coating. This new system does not require a wear layer to protect the surface. It is truly in a league of its own.

Urban Surfaces products with Titania coating: