Which is the right product for the job – Click/Locking Flooring, Glue-Down LVT or Loose Lay?

Urban Surfaces carries three distinct types of vinyl flooring; Click/Floating Floor, Glue Down LVT and Loose Lay.  What sets these floors apart from one another is the way each is installed. Choosing the right product for the job will ultimately be determined by the environment the flooring is intended for.  Described below, are the characteristics that make each of these floors unique.

Click/Floating Floor
Advancements in click flooring have recently been accelerated with innovations in both core and click technology and are fast becoming the most widely used construction of vinyl plank. The appeal is that it is able to install over many different substrates, including existing floors. With minimal floor prep required, these rigid planks lock together and “float” over imperfections. Additionally, no adhesive is required for installation and floor pieces have pre-attached foam underlayments.  This flooring system aids in sound mitigation and provides a more comfortable feel underfoot when compared to other hard surface flooring options.

Urban Surfaces’ Click/Floating Floor offerings:

  • Studio
  • Sound-Tec
  • Sound-Tec Plus
  • Sound-Tec Tile
  • SurfaceGuard

Look to use a Click/Floating Floor system in Residential and Light Commercial applications.  While many of Urban Surfaces Click/Floating Floors have commercially rated wear layers (20 mil), a commercial environment requires a more secure installation that is available only in a permanent Glue Down product.

Glue Down
A Glue Down LVT floor installation is typically more cost effective than a Click/Floating Floor installation.  However, this system requires a higher level of installation expertise due to thorough subfloor preparation. Steps must be taken to ensure the subfloor is properly prepared and in the right condition to receive adhesive. If any unsuitable subfloor issues are present such as high moisture content, pH balance issues, unevenness in the surface, etc. the adhesive may not work properly; ultimately causing floor failure. 

Urban Surfaces’ Glue Down offerings:

  • Studio
  • Main Street
  • City Heights
  • Level 7

Look to use a Glue Down LVT system where high foot traffic is anticipated and/or when project budget is the top priority.

Loose Lay
A relatively new product to emerge in the resilient category, Loose Lay Flooring offers the simplest installation system available. Laid exactly how it sounds, “loose lay” installations require only minimal adhesive in small rooms and can be installed in commercial environments with a full spread adhesive. The product itself is thick and heavy and the backing grips the subfloor to hold it firmly in place.  This product can also be installed over existing hard surface floor coverings that are in place thus reducing the total cost of demolition and floor preparation. Loose Lay is comfortable to walk on and has inherent sound reducing qualities.

 Urban Surfaces’ Loose Lay offering:

  • Instagrip 

Look to install Instagrip in a wide variety of both Residential and Commercial applications.