Bouquet of flowers and vinyl flooring moldings for valentine's day. Title: Flooring's greatest love story, exact-match moldings.

Have you been hurt by mismatched moldings before? Choosing floating flooring from other sources is like navigating a bad dating site. You may find “coordinating” moldings that don’t quite match the floorings’ designs. Urban Surfaces is the real deal with exact-match moldings that feature the same designs as every one of our Floating Floor collections’ SKUs, including Sound-Tec, Sound-Tec Plus, Foundations, and Studio 12.

End cap LVP molding finishing a floor where it meets the wall.

Urban Surfaces believes that every Floating Floor deserves moldings that are the perfect match. Sometimes Floating Floors need a little (expansion) space to breathe, and these moldings respect that, providing the right kind of connection while exactly matching our floorings’ designs. Yes, we really mean “exact”.

It’s like love at first sight!

Box of heart candy spilling out onto a luxury vinyl plank.

Ok, we get it. Sometimes opposites attract. Love knows no bounds! These versatile moldings also blend beautifully between different floor types and floor heights for a solid and lasting union.

The best flooring deserves exact-match moldings. Make a match today, and your residents will live happily ever after. Your Urban Surfaces representative is ready to help.

Urban Surfaces logo on red background with hearts for Valentine's Day.