You Deserve A Reliable Flooring Supplier

It is time to eliminate those painful stock issues, delivery delays, product failures, and unanswered calls. For over 20 years Urban Surfaces has been building partnerships that deliver much more than just flooring products.

  • Work With A Team That You Can Trust

  • Receive Your Orders On Schedule

  • Speed Up Your Installation Time

  • Complete Your Projects Successfully

  • Reduce Your Costs For Maintenance And Repairs

Urban Surfaces CEO Jeremy Britton


We know that businesses are hurt by unreliable suppliers.
We believe everyone deserves a trusted partner to depend on.
That's why we keep our promises so our customers can keep theirs.


Personalized Support

World class support at every stage of your project


Specification & Testing

Urban Surfaces products meet & exceed all ASTM and sound testing requirements for any new construction and renovation project.

Flooring Contractors

Exceed Project Expectations

Product design for performance and speed of installation. Reliable flooring solutions at compelling values.

Interior Designers

Create | Design | Engage

Use style, size, and patterns to create unique spaces. Find your inspiration and explore how Urban Surfaces can help you on your next project.


Improve your Property Value

Lower maintenance costs and increase your property value. Enhance the living experience with quality flooring solutions.

Flooring Stores

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Provide a personalized shopping experience. Lifetime manufacturers warranty and unparallel customer support.

Introducing Our New
All-In-One Stair Tread

Finally! An intelligent solution to finish stairs professionally.

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Flooring Dealer
Sales Tools

We provide everything you need to boost your in-store sales of Urban Surfaces flooring products, from architect books and samples to floor displays and digital sales tools.

Urban Surfaces Lifts Us Up As A Company And Makes Us Better

Rick & Mark Wagner, Owners

It is fun to be involved in a great partnership because you see both companies really flourishing and expanding and doing well in the market. We appreciate what Urban Surfaces brings to us, they actually lift us up as a company and make us better.

I Know Urban Surfaces Will Come Through For Us

Melodye, Owner

Because DW Interiors values customer service so much. Our partnership with Urban Services is a terrific one. Inventory is the biggest challenge that any company faces doing multi-family channel. One of the great things about Urban Services, they do have a steady stream of product.

Unmatched Ability To Deliver On Time

Ryan, Founder & CEO

One of the things we love about Urban Surfaces is their guarantee of the availability of the product throughout the duration of our projects. Urban Surfaces’ ability to deliver quickly and on time is unmatched from the other companies that we’ve dealt with before.

Urban Surfaces Is Doing It Right!

Ross, Entrepreneur & CEO

We like to work with people that we like and companies that stand behind their product. Urban Surfaces is doing it right! The lead times are pretty quick and you have a lot of products stocked. I haven’t had any clients that couldn’t find a color that they loved.

Urban Surfaces Really Helped Us Out

Clayton, Owner

I’m so thankful to get hooked up with a company like Urban Surfaces. They’ve really helped us out and provided us a great product. And so here we are, 22 stories, 220 units, and we are full tilt bozo on the installation.

Thank You For The Great Partnership

Jeremy, Project Coordinator

Thank you for the great partnership we have built. Urban Surfaces’ services is second to none. This helps us tremendously in delivering a quality product that our customers love. You are the best vendor that URC West works with, which in turn makes the flooring side at URC West run extremely smooth. Thank you for all you do.

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