We’ve made a lot of exciting advancements in flooring technology this year, and we don’t plan to stop. As our partner, you deserve an ordering system as cutting-edge and high-tech as our products. It’s here.

Get started with Urban Access in Three Easy Steps:
1. Visit this link, and fill out the form
2. Once approved, you will receive your login email
3. Use your login, and place your order!

We’re proud to introduce you to Urban Access, a fully featured and secure online ordering system compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, available exclusively to our partners.

Anyone familiar with online retail shopping will feel right at home here. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive for quick and easy ordering. With real-time pricing, there’ll be no unpleasant surprises as you place your order.

When placing an order with Urban Access, your experience is custom-tailored to you. Your prices will be accurately displayed, you can easily reorder previous selections, and the system will automatically recommend products that you may need. If you have specialized needs for a project, just use the handy “Request A Quote” form, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Not sure what you need just yet? Add items to your wishlist and compare at your leisure. Whenever you’re ready to order, day or night, you can place your order without having to place a call. You’ll also be able to set when you want your delivery to ship for better coordination with your schedule.

Once you check out, you can see your order tracking, billing status, and order history, all in one place. If this all sounds pretty straightforward, that was the plan all along! Urban Access is fully featured while remaining quick and easy so you can save your time and energy for everything else.

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