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Now, more than ever, Urban Surfaces has become your one-stop source for flooring necessities. We’ve added several adhesives and subfloor coatings to our Urban Essentials line, everything you need for a successful flooring installation and happy tenants. Let’s discuss these great new offerings.

Buckets of flooring adhesives for luxury vinyl plank flooring, moldings, and stair treads.The Adhesives

Prism Firm-Set Adhesive

Prism, also known as 3010, is for use with GlueDown LVP in light-traffic conditions. It has both high-tack/grab and the extended working time required for larger installation projects. This adhesive features color-changing technology, a visual indicator that helps to easily identify when to install your flooring by turning from light green to a darker shade. Prism also provides high strength and moisture resistance. Make sure to use the proper trowel based on porosity and primer usage.
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Everlast Hard-Set Adhesive

Everlast, also known as 3020, bonds the subfloor to GlueDown LVP for both light-traffic and commercial applications. This solvent-free, non-flammable, and easy-troweling product provides excellent adhesion for LVP over both porous and non-porous substrates. Additionally, Everlast provides high strength and moisture resistance. Make sure to use the proper trowel based on porosity and primer usage.
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Omni Adhesive & Moisture Barrier

Omni is the flooring adhesive that does it all in one step. It is a commercial-grade adhesive for GlueDown LVP that primes and provides unlimited moisture protection. No moisture testing is required.
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Ascend Wall Adhesive

Luxury Vinyl Tile has become the best choice in flooring, but did you know our GlueDown flooring can make a great wall covering, too? Prettier than paint and more sophisticated than wallpaper, using LVP as a wall covering is surprisingly easy to do. Ascend is an adhesive specifically for the application of LVP to vertical surfaces. Create a beautifully unique look for walls by using 2mm or thinner flooring.
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Stronghold Molding & Stair Tread Adhesive

Moldings and stair treads require special care, and Stronghold ensures that they stay put and look clean. This adhesive is high-strength, flexibly bonded, and resistant to high alkalinity. Stronghold comes in an easy-to-use tube for application with a caulking gun.
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Buckets of subfloor coatings that are used to prepare substrates for flooring installation.The Subfloor Coatings

Traction Subfloor Grip Coating

Traction provides fast and easy LooseLay installation without adhesive. This revolutionary subfloor coating provides the horizontal grip strength of an adhesive with none of the permanence. After curing in just two hours, Urban Surfaces’ LooseLay flooring options can be installed. When replacing a plank, there is no damage to the flooring or subfloor. Traction also provides priming and up to 90% moisture protection. LooseLay couldn’t be easier.
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Advantage Subfloor Primer

Advantage primes for an effective adhesive bond to a subfloor, is quick to install, and cures in just 30-60 minutes. It is usable on floor patch, acoustical concrete, and other porous surfaces. Advantage prevents the over-absorption of adhesive and protects against alkali attack. Make sure only to apply this primer after appropriate moisture protection.
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Trilogy Multipurpose Primer

Trilogy primes for an effective adhesive bond and protects against alkali attack. It can provide either encapsulation or up to 95% moisture protection (but not both at the same time). Trilogy is easy to apply and cures quickly in 1-2 hours. Make sure to only apply this primer after appropriate moisture testing.
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Infuse Encapsulator & Primer

Infuse encapsulates adhesive residue, including cutback, and primes for an effective bond to a subfloor. It also protects against alkali attack. Infuse is quick to install and cures in just 1-2 hours. Make sure only to apply this primer after appropriate moisture protection.
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Infiniti Moisture Protection

Infiniti provides 100% moisture protection with no expensive moisture testing required. Put your moisture concerns to rest with an integrated pH blocker that defends against alkali attack. After applying Infiniti and before applying an adhesive, use Infuse Encapsulator & Primer.
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Urban Essentials logo on blue background.All Situations Covered

From start to finish, from prep to final check, Urban Essentials has everything you need for a perfect flooring installation. Not sure which combination of adhesives and/or subfloor coatings is right for your project? We have a handy flyer with important information about each product as well as a detailed flow chart that will help you to decide exactly what you need.

You should also make sure to ask your Urban Surfaces representative what is essential for your project. If you don’t currently have an Urban Surfaces representative, let’s make that right. You can contact us several ways, but calling us at 1-800-492-8722 will get you in touch today.