An image of the stair tread sample box balanced on its corner with the headline "The Best Presentation For The Ultimate Stair Solution System"

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Making stairs look perfect can be a headache for even the most seasoned of installers. Stairs take flooring to the third dimension and add a multitude of potential points of failure. At Urban Surfaces, we’ve found the solutions to your stair-finishing woes and wrapped them up in a neat little package.

The Complete Stair Finishing System

Say hello to our brand new Stair Tread Sample Box. This sleek and compact package contains samples of our All-in-One Stair Tread, Square-Edge Stair Nose, and White, Waterproof Stair Riser. When you open the box, you’ll find a sample of each item, nicely arranged within.

These eye-catching boxes don’t just show off our quality products. They will show the professionalism and attention to detail that Urban Surfaces applies to all our endeavors, giving your customers increased confidence in the project ahead.


On the left, the contents of a sample box arranged outside of the box. On the right, there is another sample box with the contents inside and the cover open.

Speaking of Quality Products

The stair-finishing solutions found in this sample box feature exact-match designs (with the exception of the white risers) for our Sound-Tec, Sound-Tec Plus, Foundations, and Studio 12 Floating Floor lines.


Several moldings in a bunch with the text, "Exact-Match Moldings".

What’s Inside?

All-in-One Stair Tread

Quick and beautiful, our All-in-One Stair Treads can easily be trimmed to fit each step and are 100% waterproof with durable dent and scratch resistance.

These treads also feature a contemporary square-edge nosing as well as a mitered return for staircases with an exposed left or right edge. It’s time to say goodbye to retrofitting and mismatching planks or molding.

Square-Edge Stair Nose

Elegant stairs made simple. Our Square-Edge Stair Noses bring classic, angular beauty to stairs, featuring internal reinforcement and u-track mounting for optimal durability.

White, Waterproof Stair Riser

A modern and lasting look for stairs. These White, Waterproof Stair Risers are an elegant solution that pairs perfectly with our stair noses and all-in-one stair treads. Featuring a 3 mil protective wear layer and UV protection, these stair risers look great and stay that way.

There’s Always More

In addition to samples for our stair-finishing solutions, we can provide samples for our Urban Essentials and flooring. We also have handy chain sets and beautiful architect books. Show your customers that, like Urban Surfaces, you go the extra mile. Contact your representative today to get your hands on these impressive samples.


Text on left, "Chain Sets", with two images of flooring chain sets. Text on right, "Architect Books", with an image of an architect book.

Wow Them

Make the best impression. Connect with us today to get your hands on the Stair Tread Sample Box.


An Urban Surfaces banner with logo in the middle on a white background and installed stair treads and risers on the left.