Are Urban Surfaces’ LVT and SPC flooring products waterproof? How are they different from water-resistant labeled floor coverings?

Water simply will not permeate into Urban Surfaces LVT and SPC products. In your search for flooring, you may see companies use “water resistant” as a descriptor for their product. Be aware that, while these products may weather the occasional spill, they will not withstand to the degree that Urban Surfaces products will.

This is not to say that Urban Surfaces’ LVT and SPC flooring will waterproof a room, nor safeguard from mold or mildew; but that the product itself is not porous to absorb liquid.

What is the difference between laminate and Sound-Tec?

There are many differences between Sound-Tec SPC and laminate flooring. Laminate has a core made of either MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or HDF (High Density Fiberboard) which is a mix of wood fibers glued and pressed together under high pressure. While laminate flooring does simulate wood, it is not nearly as durable or dependable as Sound-Tec. Our Sound-Tec is centered around it's strong core, consisting of a Stone Polymer Composite (SPC). This core allows for a stronger clip system and much higher density, as well as reduced shrinkage associated with temperature changes. Laminate has a risk of buckling and swelling when water is introduced. Beyond the water concerns, Sound-Tec SPC is quieter to walk and live on. Laminates traditionally are loud and have a noticeable hollow sound while Sound-Tec SPC, because it is dense and heavy, has naturally enhanced sound control qualities.

What is the difference between Engineered Flooring and Sound-Tec?

Typically, engineered flooring refers to a plywood layered core with a thin veneer of hardwood on the surface. While you do get the look of hardwood, you also get the hassle of everyday maintenance that wood brings. Our Sound-Tec offers the best solution to these maintenance worries. While any type of hardwood will swell and buckle when exposed to water, the EZ Clean surface coating recently developed and included on our Sound-Tec ensures that everything from pet messes to permanent marker can be easily lifted without fear of damage.

Are your floors pet friendly?

All Urban Surfaces’ hard surface flooring products will provide a worry-free living experience for you and your pets. Look for our products with the EZ-Clean symbol for even further protection from those unexpected pet accidents.

What is the difference between a “mil” and a “millimeter”? What is the difference in wear layers? Why are they so important?

Within the vinyl flooring industry, the wear layer thickness is measured in mils. 1 mil equals 1/1000th of an inch, or 1000 mils would be equivalent to 1 inch. For comparison, common plastic food wrap is roughly 5 mils thick. When referencing the overall thickness of the plank, it is measured in millimeters.


Should I install different batch numbers in one project? Is there a noticable difference between batch numbers?

It is best to install flooring from the same batch per project-- this will ensure color precision. While we strive for consistency in each batch of product, there may be a slight variation in its look due to the print of the product at the time.

What are the requirements for T-moldings in a Sound-Tec installation?

Installation of T-moldings assist with the expansion and contraction that vinyl floors experience under changing atmospheric conditions, such as those throughout the different seasons. T-Moldings should be used when continuous runs are longer than 40 feet

Where can I install your product? (below-grade, kitchens/bathrooms, etc.)

Our product is waterproof, thus making it a versatile material for all grades and any room within your space. This includes kitchens, basements, and even bathrooms! Just be sure to reference our warranties and maintenance guides to determine the best underlayment options for your project.


How do I care for the floor? What cleaning products do I use?

We recommend a regular schedule of sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. You only need warm water and a light soap or cleaner to mop up any messes and for general care. Be sure to use a lightweight vacuum without spinning wire brushes to pick up debris to avoid wear down of the finish of the floor. Using a vacuum with a beater brush will result in a duller floor and will leave unwanted marks, shortening the life of the floor.

Avoid the following product types to sustain the shine and care of your flooring:

  • Detergents, abrasive cleaners
  • Paste wax or solvent-based polishes
  • Ammonia or ammonia-based cleaning solutions

These can break down the surface coating and dull the finish. Urban Surfaces also offers an Acrylic Floor Finish which can add an additional layer of protection for your LVT and to bring the original luster back.

NOTE: Any product with EZ Clean technology should not have Acylic Floor Finish applied.

Should I wax the floor?

While you are not required to wax the floor, you can wax it to bring back the original luster if desired. The correct wax to apply is an acrylic floor finish like Urban Surfaces Clear-Coat. This will provide that added protection and shine to keep your floors looking new.

Where can I install your product? (below-grade, kitchens/bathrooms, etc.)

Our product is waterproof, thus making it a versatile material for all grades and any room within your space. This includes kitchens, basements, and even bathrooms! Just be sure to reference our warranties and maintenance guides to determine the best underlayment options for your project.

Can I wax a floor with EZ Clean applied?

No, EZ Clean coating is an enhanced urethane coating that does not allow foreign substances to penetrate the wear layer. Applying a wax will decrease the effectiveness of the EZ Clean layer.

Can I use a steamer on my new LVT?

Yes. Steamers are a great way to lift dirt and residue from your Urban Surfaces floor. Because our products are waterproof, the steam will not harm its integrity. Please note: Do not let the steam cleaner rest in one spot for extended periods, as this can damage your floor.

Can I put an area rug or non-skid mat on my vinyl floor? Will it discolor my flooring?

You can use a non-skid mat on your vinyl flooring, however it is recommended that the non-skid mat be made of a natural material rather than rubber. Mats made of rubber will discolor the vinyl. Mats labeled “safe for hardwood floors” are perfectly suitable for use on vinyl.

Are flooring pads needed on all furniture?

Flooring pads are highly recommended to protect your LVT from scratches and gouges that may occur under the weight or movement of furniture.

Can I drag heavy objects across the floor?

Dragging heavy objects brings a very high risk of scratching the surfaces of your floor. Even refrigerators with wheels need to have their weight evenly distributed with a plank. If there are no other options, you may place a soft material (comforter, moving pads, flooring pads, etc.) underneath the legs of your item to move it across the floor. Preventative maintenance is preferred over costly repairs.

How do I repair / replace a piece of glue down LVT in an installation?

Replacing a piece of glue down LVT is as easy as putting in a puzzle piece. Simply remove the damaged piece(s), clean any debris (glue, dust, etc.), then glue down the replacement material.

How do I repair / replace a piece of Sound-Tec in an installation?

You will need to work from the closest edge of the room to unclip and subsequently replace the damaged piece. With our easy to use clip system, replacement should be a smooth transition.


Can I put LVT on the walls? If so, is it warrantied?

Yes, you can use LVT to create an accent wall in your space. We are currently working on details regarding warranty information for this application.

Can I put Sound Tec on my stairs?

Yes, Sound Tec may be installed on stairs, however it will require adhesive for a safe and long lasting design. Simply apply as you would any vinyl tile. You may choose to place Sound-Tec on the riser and tread, or simply the tread only. All color options inside the Sound-Tec line have coordinated stair nosing colors available.

Is there an odor that lingers after installation?

When using a glue down LVT, there will generally be an odor immediately after installation due to the adhesive. However if the room is ventilated properly, the smell should not last more than 1-2 weeks. When installing Sound-Tec SPC flooring, there is little to no odor, which if detected, will dissipate within days.

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