Three men from the Fresno Grizzlies stadium on a teal background.

When you get a chance to leave your mark on the history of America’s favorite pastime, you don’t pass it up. We were given the honor of working with the Fresno Grizzlies to bring their famous and beautiful Kodiak Club up to date with equally beautiful new flooring.

Before our involvement, the original intended look for the Kodiak Club’s flooring was polished concrete, but that never happened. To make that happen, Urban Surfaces proudly provided InstaGrip 28 and InstaGrip 28 Tile for a stunning combination of wood and polished-concrete aesthetics that went above and beyond. The flooring was installed by the prolific DFS Flooring, who did a fantastic job as always and adeptly handled the unique requirements of the installation.

We were on-site to capture the action on video and talk to the heavy hitters involved. Keep an eye out for the commemorative plaque that we marked this collaboration with. Take a look, and next time you’re in Fresno, catch a game and grab a drink at the Kodiak Club. We’ll see you there!