Boxes of flooring being installed in a room at Solutions for Change in San Diego.

We were recently contacted by our partner, CQ Floors, who invited us to participate in a very important project, supplying flooring to families in need through Solutions for Change. SFC is a nonprofit charity focusing on solving the problem of homeless families. We took a short road trip to discuss with Jessica Kidd (SFC) and Nicole Lensen (CQ Floors) how this project came to be and how SFC helps families reunite and thrive.

Jessica’s story is inspiring, as she is just one of SFC’s many overcomers.

We’ve all needed help in our lives, but some face adversity and hardships that can feel impossible to overcome. While there are countless charities ready to provide aid, it’s easy for those in need to get trapped in a cycle of dependency, unable to stand on their own. In the US alone, it is estimated that 20 million people are stuck in that cycle. Many of them have families. Many of them don’t see a way out.

“Solutions for Change is more than a housing solution. It’s a change your life solution that permanently solves homelessness.”

Diagram showing the church cycle that Solution for Change seeks to help people overcome.

Solutions for Change is a charity that does things differently. Their special accountability-based program encourages their beneficiaries to change their lives for the better. SFC helps families to be free of addiction and dependency, breaking the cycle they call “The Churn”. Taking families from dependency to independence is what SFC does best.

We are honored that we were CQ Floors choice for this important project. Urban Surfaces and CQ Floors are proud to join together to help Solutions for Change continue to change lives and house families in need.

Solutions for Change logo and Urban Surfaces logo.