Hand cutting vinyl plank flooring. Title: The Flooring Labor Shortage and the Light at the End of the Tunnel.

We’re guessing that you don’t just know about the labor shortage, you already suffer from it. Some may assume that it’s the doing of COVID-19, but they’d only be partially correct. The problem has existed in the flooring installation industry for over a decade now.

As skilled installers aged out of the industry, there wasn’t enough young talent coming in to replace them. As youths chose their careers, they were unaware of the industry and its need for more workers. Once COVID-19 hit, things only got worse.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for those who frequently contract flooring installers. Efforts are being made to raise awareness of the need, provide training, and increase wages.

For employers who are struggling with the shortage, Federal funds can be used to offset the cost of training installers on-site through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. The funding is available throughout the entire US, but the name of the program and how it works may differ between states. The core idea of the WIOA is to help jobseekers, especially those who have faced adversity, find employment and retain it. To facilitate this, employers are offered generous funding. There are limitations, so make sure you check the details of your state’s specific program.

In the Meantime

However, the shortage still remains for the time being, which can result in increased installation costs and wait times. There’s good news. Urban Surfaces’ advancements in LVP (luxury vinyl plank) and flooring technology have made the use of skilled flooring installers completely optional. Our floorings are so easy to install, we are confident that anyone capable of manual labor can handle the job. We offer the products, consultation, and training necessary to make that so.

Every project has different needs, and some potential issues may not be apparent to the untrained eye. Our representatives are trained in helping you assess project requirements to anticipate and resolve potential issues. In many cases, we can offer on-site consultation to walk the project site with you, answer your questions, and guide you through any concerns you may have. Unusual installation settings may also call for a consultation and/or visit from our technical services team.

Flooring Technology

At Urban Surfaces’ we have made great strides in flooring technology that is not only performant but easy to install. With a combination of our products, you can have flooring (and stairs!) that are…


We never sacrifice reliability and quality. They are our top priorities, but we always endeavor to make our products priced with your budget in mind. Talk to us, and you’ll agree.

Easy to Install

We have several flooring options that require zero adhesive. For jobs that need to be done quickly and easily, our Floating Floors such as Sound-Tec and Studio 12 are second to none.

If you prefer a GlueDown option, never fear. Not only is GlueDown installation easier than it sounds, but we also have several high-quality installation videos on our official Urban Surfaces YouTube channel for more than just GlueDown installation. It’s a terrific learning resource that we provide for absolutely free.

Easy to Replace

Our LooseLay InstaGrip is extremely durable and commercial-use-friendly, and while it can be transformed into the ultimate GlueDown with one of our powerful adhesives, we have a revolutionary new option for LooseLay installation.

Our innovative Traction Subfloor Coating is applied by roller to a subfloor and provides tremendous lateral grip while still allowing planks to be replaced by hand without damage or the need for another coat. LooseLay couldn’t be easier.


We take the quality of our products very seriously. We would never sacrifice quality for a cheaper cost of manufacturing. Each of our products is designed to give you the highest quality possible with affordability still in mind.

Some flooring companies may produce simpler, thinner flooring while advertising the lowest prices. At Urban Surfaces, we never make compromises where a product’s beauty, structural integrity, or function can fail.

Noise Reducing

Urban Surfaces has partnered with Veneklasen Associates, the pioneers of noise measurement and control. They have tested all of our sound-reducing products thoroughly, enabling us to be at the forefront of flooring noise-reduction.

Several of our flooring options have built-in sound-reduction pads. We also have three sound-isolating underlayments, FloorSilencer Pro, FloorSilencer Boost and FloorSilencer Flex, that provide up to 78 HIIC of noise reduction as well as several other benefits.

Heat Insulating and Subfloor Moisture Safe

Our FloorSilencer underlayments aren’t just for sound reduction. They also provide the added benefits of heat insulation with an r-value of up to 0.73. When moisture is a concern, wicking fibers protect your subfloor while a liquid-barrier film protects your flooring from the moisture below.

Good for Low or Uneven Subfloors

The thickness and stability of FloorSilencer Boost can smooth out minor subfloor imperfections. When replacing a thicker flooring with a thinner Urban Surfaces LVP, FloorSilencer Boost can raise the subfloor to meet trim height and remove the need for reducer moldings.

Pet Friendly and Waterproof

A recent study proved that pets are not just important to renters, they can be a deal-breaker when choosing where to live. If you have a no-pet policy, it’s time to reconsider. We can help make your flooring pet-safe and pet-resistant.

All of our floorings are waterproof, and messes are easy to wipe up because of an Enhanced Polyurethane System top layer. In addition, our floorings feature scratch-resistant wear layers that never dip below 6mil in thickness and go as high as 28mil. Our Sound-Tec collections also provide a Ceramic Bead Scratch Armor for increased claw-and-tooth deflection.

The Way Forward

By now, you should be feeling very confident in your ability to move forward with your flooring installation. Installing LVP has never been easier, and we’re here to offer all the support you need.

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