Oh, Dearest Flooring,

That day I saw you kiss the subfloor, I wasn’t sure if you’d really be mine. Here you are molding me into something new. I can’t stop stair-ing.

I want to learn all about you. Just visualize what we will be.

The clips that hold us together can’t be broken. My heart feels like it’s Floating.

I know that you’ll always support me with every step I take. Your underlayment has me silently walking on clouds. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Maybe it seems like I’ll only walk all over you, but now that I know you, we’ll only ever know luxury. You bring such color to my life.

You’re free to go, and yet you stay. You keep surprising me.

I know what makes relationships work. Our dreams have Traction. This love is sustainable.

I eagerly await your reply.




Your Secret Admirer