Flashes and bangs on a teal background. Title: Best of 2023 Blog Posts.

The new year is here, and we’re celebrating 2023 by selecting ten of our favorite blog posts from last year. If you’re not caught up with our blog, now’s the perfect time to fix that with these bests of the best!

    Child walking on vinyl flooring with a diagram of sound waves to illustrate sound testing and mitigation. Title: HIIC, The New Sound-Testing Standard.

  1. HIIC, The New Sound-Testing Standard Urban Surfaces is at the forefront of sound-reduction technology. This blog goes into detail about how sound works, how it is mitigated, and the importance of HIIC ratings.
    View of the Las Vegas strip. Title: Announcements from IBS 2023.

  1. What We Introduced at IBS 2023 We’re extremely proud of what we had to show off at IBS 2023. We hope to see you at IBS 2024! If you didn’t attend last year, we’ve got you covered with this blog post.
    Person working remotely on a laptop with books and office equipment on the table. Title: The Importance of Remote-Work Amenities for Multifamily Housing.

  1. The Importance of Remote-Work Amenities for Multifamily Housing in 2023 Remote work is still an important part of many people’s careers, and that shows no signs of stopping. Here’s how your multifamily projects can best accommodate that.
    Several pieces of Sound-Tec Floating Floor planks laid on top of each others. Title: Sound-Tec vs. Other 20-Mil SPC Floorings.

  1. Sound-Tec vs. Other 20mil SPC Floorings Anyone can sell a 20mil-wear-layer floor, but how many corners did they cut? This blog breaks down all the factors that matter beyond the wear layer, and how our Sound-Tec outperforms the competition in every way.
    Happy mom and daughter reading a book while sitting on the floor. Title: Keeping Indoor Air Clean (and Why It Matters).

  1. Keeping Indoor Air Clean (and Why It Matters) Just as the vital air we breathe is invisible, the dangers within it can be too. Protect the health of everyone involved with and dwelling within your projects.
    Magnifying glass capturing a bed bug hidden in carpet inside of a living room. Title: Your Carpet May Be Crawling With Problems.

  1. Your Carpet May Be Crawling With Problems Don’t let the bed bugs bite. We wish that was the only problem that can hide in carpet, but it isn’t.
    Happy dog with owner on vinyl flooring. Title: What's the Best Flooring for Pets?

  1. What’s The Best Flooring for Pets? No-pet policies should be a thing of the past. This blog breaks down exactly why LVT is the solution to durable and pet-friendly spaces that save money.
    Large multifamily building with USGBC logo. Title: A Simple Introduction to LEED Certification.

  1. A Simple Introduction to LEED Certification You’ve seen LEED mentioned on all kinds of products and projects, but what does it actually mean?
    Image of flooring planks being measured and cut. Title: The Flooring Labor Shortage and the Light at the End of the Tunnel.

  1. The Flooring Labor Shortage and the Light at the End of the Tunnel The labor shortage should get better with time, but there are Urban Surfaces flooring options that don’t require skilled labor at all.
    Diagram of a mountain representing partnership and the work to get there. Title: Climbing the Mountain of Partnership.

  1. Climbing the Mountain of Partnership: The Urban Surfaces Way If you’re tired of being treated like just another customer, Urban Surfaces has a better way. Learn how we do things differently.

We hope you enjoyed these posts. There’s more to come! The holidays didn’t slow us down. 2024 will be another great year for our blog with plenty of useful information and updates. Stay tuned!

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